The Glass Slipper


Throughout history the size of a woman’s feet has always been something that was resembled as more acceptable the smaller they were, you only need to look at China and the practice of foot binding that they once carried out in an attempt to keep feet dainty.  Even fairy tales tell us that the expectation of having pretty little feet is a normal one, those ugly step-sisters were never going to fit into the beautiful, elegant glass slipper of the much more attractive and all round nicer person, Cinderella.

Since the 1970’s though feet seem to have been getting bigger and wider, seeing an increase of two sizes on average.  The College of Podiatry state that the increase is almost certainly linked to a taller, heavier society and that too many of us will wear shoes that don’t fit properly.

 Over a quarter (26%) of men and 41 per cent of women say their feet have changed size as an adult, with both reporting they have got bigger and wider (48% of men say their feet have got bigger and 61% say they are wider. 35% of women report their feet have got bigger and 68% say they have got wider). They attribute this to putting on weight (41%) and getting older (55%).
Yet both men (34%) and women (46%) admit to buying shoes that don’t fit ; with people nearly twice as likely to buy shoes too small (44%) than too big (24%). When asked why they have bought shoes that didn’t fit, the top reasons were:
  1. I thought I was buying the correct size but when I tried them on at home / wore them they didn’t feel comfortable (35%)
  2. I liked the shoes and they didn’t have them in my size (27%)
  3. I bought them online and didn’t realise they wouldn’t fit (26%)
  4. They were on sale (19%)
  5. I didn’t have time to try them on in the shops (15%)

With this is mind it is quite apparent that if we don’t want to suffer with calluses, tight calf muscles, sore feet, hard skin or corns and blisters, that we, as a nation, should start looking at buying the right shoes for our feet.

Capri Red £55

Place Footwear has over 33 years of experience in creating footwear in the healthcare market and were the first factory in Europe to produce custom made footwear.

BFT Technology

 BFT Technology is what makes Place Footwear so special, it is a collection of clinically proven practices that combine to make ‘footwear so addictive’.

Through out the years of experience and millions of customised inner soles that they have created, Place have designed a bio-mechanical sole which gives each sole a unique geometry for a more comfortable and form hugging fit.

They also have a patent pending on the Dual Density Sole Unit which gives the wearer much more comfort and control across the sole and at specific densities.  For example the heel and mid-foot area has more support, whereas the mid-foot has a softer cushioning effect.

The final ingredient is the patented Conical Rocker Sole which was originally invented for diabetics but now is proven to help all feet by reducing the pressure under the ball of the foot and helping to push the foot forward for an easier step.

Ibiza Eventide £55What does it all mean?  Well, by combining the foot cocktail above, there is a reduction in ‘excessive pronunciation’, helping to align the body in turn creating more energy.

Of course they look fantastic to boot, (couldn’t resist the pun, sorry) and feel amazing.  The design of the Vitality Sandals give your feet a hug every time you take a step and we can honestly say from our road test, that they help to make the feet feel less achy and uncomfortable if walking for extended periods of time.  The sole has a real cushioned, floaty sensation, much like walking on a fluffy cloud!

They come in a range of fabulous designs from the plain black Capri, which we adore, to the sparkly Ibiza for those who love a bit of bling in their lives!

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