The Great Whale Road


 From Sunburned Games comes The Great Whale Road which is a RPG / RTS type game with Card and Turn Based combat.


Its the seventh century AD and your the leader of a small medieval clan with one of your main goals to prepare and survive winter. You’ve sailed the North sea – the whale road – and made settlement in Úlfarrsted. Through a choice based Narrative it’s up to you how you get through the winter, do you sacrifice food for the health of the people or would you sacrifice the people in order to maintain a well stocked store?


As winter passes and you move into spring its time your Hero’s went out on adventures and quest in search of resource’s and riches. Available quests are marked on your map and you have a selection of Hero’s to choice from with various attributes. You can send up to 4 Hero’s and depending on the size of your ship depends on how many resource’s they take to help them on their way and be more successful. Where your quest take you and what you encounter vary’s so have a good read of the quest notes before hand.


As you arrive and enter your quest based area your presents with more choice based narrative and your choices determine the outcome so well worth focusing on the text, whats its asking and what choice’s you have it’s also here you will come across the Card / Turn based side of the game. Now for me I can’t get on with turn based card games and struggle greatly to work out what I’m meant to do. It’s pretty much the same as other turn based combat, you get X amount of time to complete your go and add a card, in this instance a crow, that does some extra attack damage for the duration of that turn and then end your turn. For me this isn’t fun and I switch off, lose interest and lose the fight. If you like turn based games then ignore this bit as you’ll probably enjoy it. Unfortunately my Hero died at this point but I did complete the quest so I guess that’s OK, right?


So the point of the quest, Well the quest session runs over the spring and summer, Here you are making trades, allies, alliances and resource gathering to aid you get through and survive the next winter. After returning from my quest everything get put in to the stores, I got a run down of the years events and winter starts and the choice based narrative begins. Baring in mine I played this as an early access title I found some of the of the dialog repeated itself from the previous winter, Maybe that’s a bug or maybe that was how its meant to be but then it felt repetitive and annoying like I hadn’t achieved anything. I mean how many  teeth do I need to pull out of the same traveler as well as sacrificing all my live stock due to plague. I get these things could happen again and again and it’s not a huge problem but reading the same text get tiresome.


All in all it’s not a bad game if you like turn based combat with power up cards. The story RPG side of things started off really nicely and I like the choice based narrative but then the repeated situations, problem, issues or what ever you want to call them spoiled it and I quickly lost the drive to carry on that I happily started with but hopefully future updates will cure that. From what I’ve played and considering it’s early access a fair 4 out of 5 as I think for many RPG fans this could a game to sink your teeth into.

4 out of 5


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