The Green Devil


Libya is a country we have all become familiar with in recent years, a country torn apart by a tyrannical leader, Muammer Gaddafi.  A man who ruled Libya as a dictator and committed atrocities in the name of Islam.  He was a man who imposed all of his flawed and deadly ideologies onto the people of Libya, without flinching.

The Green Devil is a book all about the 40 year reign of terror that was held by Gaddafi and his government.  It details how this man, who terrified so many, sanctioned the torture and murder of many Libyan people, a man who sponsored and indeed ordered, some of the most horrific terrorist attacks across the world.

In Jamal Abozaid’s interesting and informative book, we see the world through the eyes of the Libyan people, from the moment Gaddafi took power right through the the public uprising, just a few years ago.  We see the true terror of civil war and how intervention from Western forces impacted an already fragile state.  Ultimately, The Green Devil takes us through forty years of torture, pain, civil war, terror and ruin, right up until Gaddafi himself was toppled and eventually killed, leaving a country devoid of oppressive leadership.

The Green Devil is an excellent look into the life of the Libyan people during those terrifying forty years.  It is extremely easy to read and you quite quickly become engrossed in this surprising page turner.  Filled with facts and thoroughly enjoyable it is a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in the region and indeed Libya under Gaddafi’s rule.

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