The Haunting Of Radcliffe House


Image Entertainment release Nick Willing’s atmospheric ghost story, The Haunting of Radcliffe house, on DVD today, 11th May 2015.  

Meg, (Olivia Williams from The Sixth Sense), is an interior designer who has been tasked with restoring the stunning Radcliffe House which is set amongst the Yorkshire Moors.  Such a big job means that she decides to bring her family with her whilst working on the dilapidated stately home.

5107The family, Meg,  Alec, (Matthew Modine from The Dark Knight Rises) and their two children move into the strangely beautiful, but foreboding house.  As things start to go bump in the night the family begin to be terribly affected by the chilling and dangerous events that unfold.  

A mosaic that Meg finds in a hidden room suggests that what happened in Radcliffe House before their arrival, was much more sinister than they could have ever known.  Black magic and occult ritual, murder, deceit and obsession, infest this once beautiful home, infecting Alec to the point of recreating the terrible events that left Radcliffe House abandoned for so long.

5191The fingers of ethereal beings reach through the screen and chill you to the bones as you watch a family ripped apart by malevolent spirits, set on re-enacting the incredibly evil events of the past.  With each passing hour they become more and more powerful, closer to achieving their goal. 

A spooky film that will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next shock that will make you jump out of your skin.  Haunting, bleak, spine-chilling and absorbing.

The Haunting of Radcliffe House is released onto DVD 11th May 2015 for just £12.99 (RRP)


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