The House on Pine Street


Life is difficult for Jennifer Branagan (Emily Goss) and her husband.  They have just had to move back to Jennifer’s hometown in Kansas after she suffered a horrible mental breakdown, the move was more stressful due to the fact that Jennifer is seven months pregnant and was reluctant to return to her childhood town.  

6051 - CopyThe couple buy a beautiful house that seems just too good to be true, but perfect for their little family that is soon to get bigger by one.  Jennifer is already struggling with the upset of her breakdown, impending motherhood and the seemingly stretched relationship with her husband, not to mention an overbearing mother who just wont leave the pair alone.

Gradually Jennifer becomes more and more unsettled by the disturbances she experiences in the house, random knocking, doors opening and closing, as well as strange sounds.  At first it seems innocuous, but she quickly realises that there is something much more sinister afoot and her concern grows as she becomes more desperate and the dark evil forces that appear to reside in the house with her, grow ever more disturbing.

6035An edge of your seat, white knuckle thriller that will have you jumping and dripping with anticipation.  A fabulous cast nails the art of suspense and leaves the audience wanting more whilst hiding behind their hands.  The film has echoes of Rosemary’s Baby, not by way of the plot but through the atmosphere that it creates.  Chilling and thoroughly enjoyable, this is a great film for a night in.  Will you be brave enough to watch it in the dark?

The House on Pine Street is available from the 1st February 2016 from Second Sight.  

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