The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1

The hunger games, hailed as the American version of Kinji Fukasaku's masterpiece Battle Royal, though it is an original story and not another westernised remake.  seemingly pushing boundaries of western cinema in the style of a Korean movie but with a surprising 12 rating.

Mocking Jay is the third instalment of the hunger games and is the first of a 2 part film.
The hunger games is set in a future where cities become suburbs and put into 13 districts. Though the 13 district is said to be no longer. Throughout the now 12 districts, a lottery of selection is made of one boy and one girl from each of the districts are forced to take part in a televised fight to the death. ( sounds like Battle Royal right ) The outcome of the end of the film sparks rebellion with a majority of the districts which continues into Catching fire.
The winner's of previous hunger games are called out on live television to be reunited to the game, in the hope to cease the rebellion.

The hunger games Mocking Jay part 1 is now due for release in cinema's.
Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence who is the main star throughout the trilogy becomes the leader of the rebellion and all out war against the Capitol commences. Years previously rebellion against the Capitol was attempted, but the Capitol was victorious.
Becoming the symbol of rebellion, the Capitol are out to eradicate the symbol of the mocking jay and everything associated with it.
The toll of leadership is daunting on Katniss. Not only does she have faith of the districts to up-keep, but family and allies are missing. She has also set herself a personal goal to eliminate the one responsible for chaos that is brought upon the districts.

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