The Intercontinental Hotel Group Challenge


The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a collection of fantastic hotels across the globe, offering a wide range of locations, rooms and price range options to the discerning traveller.  From hotels in Paris, New York and London to Dubai, Moscow and Madrid, the choice of venue for your holiday or business trip is vast and features some of the world’s most incredible cities.

The hotels are luxurious, well positioned and environmentally conscious.  Kept to the highest standards and with customers needs at the forefront of all business, IHG take your travel seriously and want you to have the best time possible whilst in their care.  Whether you want a room with a view, specific amenities or just general information about the city you are in, they are there to help.

Reservations can be confirmed via email and text message, you even get an email a week before travel telling you all about the area in which you are staying and what the hotel has to offer.  Customer service is definitely key.

Not only do the group serve over 150 million guests every year in their 674,000 rooms across the globe, but they like to give back to their customers and reward them for their loyalty through a rewards program.  Whenever a customer stays at one of the 4,700 hotels within the Intercontinental Hotel Group, they earn points on that stay.  They will not expire and can be used in a number of ways including hotel stays, flights, merchandise, vouchers and much, much more.

The Challenge

Recently IHG contacted Erisea Magazine and asked if we could take part in a challenge with a twist, we were of course intrigued and couldn’t wait to find out more.  Our challenge consists of using the rewards program for the ultimate experience and recording everything on a fabulous lomography camera.

IHG have given us 1,000,000 points to use in their loyalty scheme and by use, we mean complete free reign.

We spent a long time deciding exactly how we were going to use the points and what we wanted to do.  It occurred to us that the most obvious option was to plan a trip to some far flung corner of the world and soak up the culture and experience a different country and all it has to offer.  Then we thought a little more on it and it struck us, England is one of the most incredible countries in the world, when we think of a break away, our first reaction is always abroad to sunnier locals.  For us though, we realised that for all of the options out there for travelling, we had barely seen our own country, it’s cosmopolitan cities and diverse culture.  It was then we made a decision, our challenge would take place in England!

The Trip

The first stage of our experience will be staying at one of IHG’s hotels in Manchester, where we will be having the shopping trip to end all shopping trips.  Manchester is a city with incredible atmosphere and amazing experiences to be had.  The city centre boasts an eclectic mix of department store, independents and chains, offering the shopper so much to choose from.

We will be shopping using some vouchers acquired through the program and eating in fabulous restaurants, drinking sublime coffee concoctions.  We will be ladies that lunch, feeling like the world is within our grasp as we take Manchester by storm.

Of course we needed something to keep us busy while we were pampering and trying out purchases in our hotel room, so we are taking advantage of the huge box of retro sweets we ordered through the loyalty scheme.

We will also be heading to a photo shoot while we are staying at the hotel, it is something we have organised separately from this and can’t tell you much more right now, it’s a surprise.

We have also been able to to select a Red Letter Day experience for us to do together.  We still haven’t picked the exact one we wish to do yet, but once we are back from the fabulous city of Manchester, we will update you!

Over the next few days you can follow us on Twitter to see what we get up to and how we are doing in Manchester, of course we will tell you all about it when we get back…and have recovered!



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