The Killing


Nordic Noir is huge right now, with many of the hit shows and films coming out of Scandinavia being remade for English viewing audiences.  It is not difficult to understand the allure of these gripping thrillers either, once you sit down to watch them.

The Killing

The Killing (Season 1)Based on the original Nordic Noir Danish hit ‘Forbrydelsen’, The Killing fast became a huge success to audiences in the US and UK.  Starring Mireille Enos (star of Big Love) as Detective Sarah Linden, the show follows the investigation into the death of young Rosie Larson, a 17 year old whose body is found in the boot of a car, dumped in the water.

Assigned the case on the eve of her retirement from the force, Linden doesn’t want the case in the slightest, but as the investigation continues she is pulled into a world of intrigue that she simply cannot abandon, until the answers are uncovered, putting her personal relationships and in deed impending wedding in jeopardy.

The Killing (Season 2)Partnered at the last minute with a transfer from vice,  Holder (Joel Kinnaman), the pair embark on a journey that will leave no stone unturned, but be sure to surprise and sicken them at every one of those discoveries.

The Killing also focusses on the trauma of losing a daughter, sister and niece that is experienced by the Larson family.  Their very lives unravel before them, hopes of conclusions are dashed and ill informed decisions are made.  The inconceivable loss of a loved one thrown them into a turmoil that is hard to escape.

After three thrilling seasons, Netflix has just released season 4 and to coincide with that a new box set of seasons 1-3 can be purchased from the 27th October 2014 (RRP £69.99), allowing you to relive, or maybe live the Rosie Larson case for the first time, over 11 discs on DVD or 9 discs on BluRay.

With an all star supporting cast that suck you into their world, including Billy Campbell (The 4400), Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Prison Break), Brent Sexton ( Deadwood) and Jamie Anne Allman (The Shield), you will be gripped from the moment you press play!

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