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It seems that ever since Minecraft hit our computer screens and consoles, that gamers have become slightly obsessed with block by block building games. Of course there have been countless simulation games around and tycoon themed games, but there is nothing quite like gathering your resources, putting your minions to work and watching your very own plot of land turn into a thriving community.

The Kindred by Developer: Persistent Studios / Publisher: Nkidu Games, is currently in Early Access over on Steam and we were lucky enough to nab a code to see what we thought of the newest creative sandbox box game and what it had to offer.

The Kindred wants you to help your group of Kin, the game’s residents, to build a community, farm and craft their way to success.

The Kin

Each character has their own set of skills, is governed by their age and strength, not to mention fatigue. In order to get the most out of the game it is imperative to keep an eye on your little guys and ensure they are well fed, rested and working on tasks that suit them.

The Kin can work in any of the various fields, however they each have a skill rating for the individual areas that ranges from 1 to 4. Naturally you want to pair your Kin with the jobs they have 4s in, or 3s.

Once their jobs have been assigned to them they will automatically work on any task that you set within those parameters.

pu2b24d495052a8ce66358eb576b8912c8-1455892866-2933447-screenshot-defaultThe World

The game has a bright and vibrant facade, using blocks as the basis for all of your building efforts, accompanied by a bunch of helpful, and in some cases essential, tools that aim to improve and further your community of Kin.

Aside from using the start up materials that the game has supplied, you community will have to begin their plans for survival immediately, gathering as many resources as they can and then utilising them to get a base of operations set up.

Top Tip – See what resources you have in your inventory when you start, then use those to lay a foundation, but do this while you have the game paused, before you do anything.

Whether your focus is on building homes, creating a working animal farm, focusing on planting or mining for materials, the key to The Kindred is maximising the Kin’s energy and skills for the tasks you want them to complete.

pu2b24d495052a8ce66358eb576b8912c8-1455892882-3106364-screenshot-originalOur Conclusion

All in all The Kindred is a lovely game that will definitely appeal to any fans of block building sandbox games, or those that focus on community survival.

The only downfall that we see the game as having right now is that there is not a tutorial that takes you through the controls and how to use the tools within the game. There is a Getting Started Guide, but it is written, as a rule point and click tutorials have more impact and leave gamers slightly less frustrated when getting to grips with the mechanics of any game new to them.

At the moment it is in Early Access and some aspects of the game play need a polish or tweak here and there, but overall it is a game that you can pick up and play anytime and find yourself spending hours building, farming and crafting.


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