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Learning to read and write is one of the most important things our little ones learn. And with technology ever evolving, LeapFrog have created the LeapReader.

The LeapReader is designed not only to help your little one’s to read, but to write too.

From a personal perspective, teaching your child to read can seem like one of the most daunting lessons as a parent. We are forever searching for new ways to teach this skill effectively. Worrying if we have the right materials and if they are learning at the correct pace.

The LeapReader takes some of the strain in this department. Leapfrog have worked hard to create a large library of books, games and even maps. So as your child grows in confidence, they can move on to the next stage in the Leapfrog Library.

Of course reading and writing should be fun, it should have interesting, fun stories and be full of colours and recognisable animals and characters for both you and the children. it’s something Leapfrog seem to have done really well.

So what is the LeapReader? Its an interactive pen that can talk, give instructions in the writing books and even play music. It brings learning to life in a way that only something from Leapfrog can.

The LeapReader requires the specially designed books, to bring them to life.

From starting their ABCs, to reading about their favourite animals and characters, there is something for everyone.

Making learning fun is important to our tech savvy children these days. So something that is both interactive and stimulating is great. It really does the job of making learning a fun experience.

Something both children and parents (come on, admit it) want to do over and over together.

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