The Legend of King Arthur – DVD Review

How about a different classic take on the King Arthur Series – Read on to find out more….


Andrew Davies’ (House of Cards) sumptuous adaptation of the timeless saga, The Legend of King Arthur, makes its home entertainment debut on 10 October 2016 with the complete 1979 series.
Dark Ages wizard Merlin (Robert Eddison – Indiana Jones), weary of the
barbarism around him, creates a new order of enlightenment and justice with a youthful Arthur (Andrew Burt – Emmerdale) at its head.
Merlin presents Arthur with the magic sword Excalibur to help him defeat the nobles who oppose his rule. But Arthur must also beware his half-sister Morgan (Maureen O’Brien – Doctor Who), a sorceress who has sworn to kill him to avenge her father’s death.
As Morgan intensifies her campaign, she uses magic to draw Lancelot (David Robb – Downton Abbey) and Guinevere (Felicity Dean – The Whistle Blower) into a passionate affair.
But it is the still more traitorous Mordred (Steve Hodson – Break in the Sun) who will fatally halt Arthur’s rule.
Bringing high romance, low treachery and magical adventure via a host of legendary characters and featuring an early appearance by Patsy Kensit (Holby City), this is a fabulous retelling of the gloriously twisting tale.

Our Thoughts

Having watched it, we see the merits of it and it offers a different take on a story used many times.  This can be considered the classic take with subtle differences in the story, but we will not ruin it for you.
It focuses on the characters and not the magic of Merlin. Progression through the first two episodes felt a bit hit and miss, due to them using multiple actors for both Morgan and Merlin. However it does better in the back half of the season.
3 out of 5

For More Info –

Title: The Legend of King Arthur: The Complete Series
Certificate: PG
Release Date: 10 October 2016
Cat No: 166425
Running Time: 240 mins approx. on 1 disc
RRP: £19.99

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