The world of light has been invaded by a dark mysterious figure, it is down to Link, a young farmhand who so happens to be a cursed and Midna, the Hyrule Resistance and many allies to combat this evil and vanquish it from the Twilight realm.  The quest that you have to follow will be filled with danger, adventure, puzzles and more as you venture to the furthest reached of Hyrule and beyond.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Courtesy of Nintendo

Now presented in beautiful HD quality, the 2006 loved classic from the Gamecube, Twilight Princess is given a makeover without losing any of the original charm.  It has been released as a special edition and all of you who are big fans of Amiibo will be thrilled to learn that it comes with Midna and Wolf Link, unlocking special content in the game! 

The game has a much darker feel to it, almost as if the game has grown with its audience and now takes on a more serious format, but somehow remaining the same game we all know and loved. Filled with nine dungeons, Link can travel on foot through, each one connected to a larger over world.  If Link get weary though Epona or teleporting can be used.  Speaking of travel, there is a constant ability for players to switch between Hyrule and the Twilight realms, as well as being able to transform Link into his Hylian and wold forms, both offering varied abilities and therefore useful in a variety of ways, making game play more tactical.  

Courtesy of Nintendo

Courtesy of Nintendo

Whilst on his travels Link will meet new and old friends, make sure to look out for Gorons, Zoras and Ganondorf.  You can also try out the new Ghost Lantern to help locate Poe Souls and discover that fewer tears need be collected to restore the Light Spirits.  

The new release will allow players to use a GamePad whether playing through the T.V or independently of it.  Right from the outset you can access Hero Mode and Miiverse, where there are 50 stamps to collect! 

Great fun and easy to delve into, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a definite buy for 2016 for the whole family.

PEGI: 12
Number of Players: 1
Platform: Nintendo Wii U


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