The Little Book of Mindful Travel


When we decide to book a holiday, go on a trip to visit family and friends or even just take a short break, it is often easy to forget with all the planning and arranging, that the journey itself is something that you should enjoy, it is part of the overall experience.  For many, the travelling aspect of any trip can also be extremely stressful and worrying, leaving them exhausted before they have even embarked of the first leg of any trip.

Tiddy Rowan recognises the need for people to find the journey to and from anywhere more enjoyable, less stressful and above all comfortable.  Tiddy does this in Mindful Travel, a lovely little pocket book that is filled with quotes, tips and lots of help to enable you to be more mindful about travel and all it entails.

With a mindful approach to travel Tiddy believes that you can approach any journey as an opportunity, one to free the mind of all of its clutter, to have a mental clear out and leave the baggage of life behind, leaving you more relaxed and better able to enjoy your time away.  Mindful Travel includes many techniques from the mindfulness discipline that will help to get you travelling in the moment, it will fill you with coping strategies to deal with long journeys, remove the stress form packing and most importantly, how to immerse yourself in the local culture and get the absolute most out of your time there.

A very handy little book for anyone who has anxiety about travelling and who might have an interest in mindfulness and how it can improve many aspects of daily life.  It is available courtesy of Quadrille for £5.99 (RRP)


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