The Loft


Originally created in Belgium by director Erika Van Looy, The Loft is remade and available On digital platforms from June 8th 2015 and On DVD from June 15th 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

The Loft is an apartment that five friends decide to rent together, the strange thing about this is that all of the friends are married and their reasons for wanting to lease the property are less than honourable.  The whole premise behind their venture is to provide somewhere safe and secure for them to live out their extra marital activities.

image003Vincent Stevens (Karl Urban – Star Trek Into Darkness), Chris Vanowen (James Marsden – X-Men), Luke Seacord (Wentworth Miller – Prison Break, The Flash), Matt Landry (Eric Stonestreet – Modern Family) and Philip Trauner (Matthias Schoenaerts – The Drop) indulge in every whim and fantasy in The Loft and marvel at their own cleverness, coming up with such an amazing plan to avoid detection by their wives.  

However, their world comes crashing down and propels the quintet into reality when they find a mysterious blonde woman in the apartment.  Unfortunately for them, this woman is not just one of their special friends, she is dead and suddenly the dream life they believed they were living, turns instantly into a nightmare as the realisation dawns that one of the five must be involved somehow.

A thriller that warns cheaters everywhere that your deepest desires should remain just a figment of your imagination, because making them a reality will have consequences, ones you may not be willing to accept.  


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