The Long Shadow: The Great War


The extremely powerful BBC documentary The Long Shadow: The Great War, comes to DVD for the first time courtesy of Simply Media.  The documentary series is actually based in a prize winning book and is brought to life by historian David Reynolds, a well known British Historian.  

When World War One ended it was not a case of everyone packing their bags and returning home, there were consequences and long term effects that impacted the way life for people immediately after the war and the world as a whole for many years after.  The long term impact, the shadow of the Great War is explored in this eye opening three part series

6565Whilst you might not realise it, once the final shots of the first World War had been fired, the reality of war helped shape the world, especially Europe for the rest of the twentieth century. Travelling across Europe to places the war touched from Belfast to Berlin, Slovenia to Sudetenland, the debris that World War One left in its wake allows Reynolds to examine just how serious the resulting impact was and how there are even elements around to day, elements that refuse to loosen their grip on the world that we are unable to lay to rest.

It is not just about the vast and incredibly deep impact that the Great War has on the world in general, Raynolds also looks at how this war affected individuals, in fact how it completely ‘haunted’ the generation after, the soldiers who lived through the war and survived, even those who were in some seat of power.

Witha wealth of information, expertise and original documentation at his fingertips, Reynolds guides us through one of the most harrowing times in British history. It is poignant, gripping and completely frightening at times, the long shadow of World War One will always, it seems, will always be cast across Europe.

Available courtesy of Simply Media, The Long Shadow:The Great War is available for just £19.99 (RRP)

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