The Luminous Illusion by Stephanie Dougan


Emma is grateful for a roof over her head, food on the table and a job to provide for herself, she is even thankful for the direction the Ruler has given her, but she has a nagging feeling about The Organisation.  No one has a clue what the purpose of The Organisation is or what they do, but something doesn’t feel right.

Lately Emma has been dreaming, vivid, lucid reruns of things that feel more like memories than conjured stories.  It troubles her that although she is adamant these are in fact memories, she has no actual recollection of them occurring.  Who was Tyler?  

Emma doesn’t have long to wait before she is confronted with the man of her dreams.  Whilst visiting the doctor there is a raid, the Resistance saved her life just when it was being threatened by people she trusted.  It was then that she realised that her reality was a fiction, controlled by the Organisation.  Joining the Resistance, Emma wants to fight the Organisation and help the thousands that are still under their control.

Fans of The Matrix will be enthralled in The Luminous Illusion by Stephanie Dougan.  Big brother is watching you and controlling your life.  Brilliantly laid out, The Luminous Illusion will leave goosebumps upon your skin as you read and become completely immersed in the plot.  A thrilling read filled with danger and uncertainty as you follow Emma through a maze of confusion whilst she tries to come to terms with her reality.

Available from Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers for £8.99

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