The Missing


The intense BBC One drama The Missing is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on 26th Decmber 2014.  Starring James Nesbitt (of Cold Feet, Jekyll and Murphy’s Law) and Frances O’Connor (of A.I. Artificial Intelligence and The Cashmere Mafia) as the desperate parents of Oliver, who goes missing whilst on holiday in France.

The Missing 2014

Consumed by the terrible and inexplicable disappearance of his son, The Missing follows the plight of Tony (Nesbitt) as he anxiously searches across two continents for eight years for little Oliver.  The nail biting eight part series portrays the loss and the dwindling hope that Tony somehow clings onto, whilst he sees his, now ex-wife seemingly move on with new love played by Jason Flemyng (of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

Also starring  Tcheky Karyo, who plays the detective assigned to the missing boy’s case, bringing gravitas and poise to a dark and twisted thriller.  Alongside Josephine de la Baume (of Rush) ad Anastasia Hille (of The Tunnel) the entire cast is spectacular and evokes an definite emotive response from the audience.

4838Available from 26th December 2014 in a three disc DVD set or a two disc Blu-ray set, this engaging TV show that is filled with twists and turns, leaving you thinking you have the answer only to find out that you wasn’t even close, is the perfect item to pick up when you are out and about on Boxing Day!

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