The Moorside – Episode 1 UK TV Review


One of the most controversial cases at the time, finally gets the TV treatment – Shannon Matthews. Here is a quick review of the first episode.


From the Start

From the opening credits, you see that it is based on facts but some elements are dramatized.  So if you are reading this/ or watching the show – just be aware. It has that weird eerie feel throughout the episode. Knowing what happened made me tingle when the culprits were on the screen. 


The Changing Tone

The tone of the show changes and it builds to a crescendo.  Step by step, the show follows Julie (Sheridan Smith) on her steps through helping the process.  However it slower builds the evil in the show.

Any good show needs a villain even a true story.  The emotions throughout the episode was always at a high point in anger and trying to be positive about such a negative thing.



The Culprits

If you lived during the time of it happening – especially if you lived close to the area, you will know the story.  The build-up to seeing the two of them been shown in a different light was great to watch.

For those who love mysteries, you read the emotions on the mother’s face and you think there is something not quite right there.  The step dad was portrayed as a strange character too. I could not work out what I remembered about him from the News around the time.

Overall Thoughts

A good drama, that is worth seeing. It was going to happen eventually with the “True Crime” stories that you see on TV already.  The show is worth the watch and I hope next weeks episode concludes it well.

Good character acting on both good and evil side.  Good use of the info.


For More Info –

BBC The Moorside – Series 1: Episode 1

Pictures from BBC Pictures.

First Seen  – 9pm 7th Feb.  Still Available on BBC iPlayer – as of time of writing.

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