The Personal Barber subscription box review


With subscription boxes being a huge thing currently you can get subscription boxes for all sorts. So, why not a Barber subscription box.

The good folk over at The Personal Barber were kind to send a review box.

If like me you never had wisdom passed on through your Father and wasn’t taught how to shave properly, amongst over things, Then this kit comes with a very handy guide on how to have The perfect shave. Or more importantly, The Personal Barber Perfect Shave

Now I know basics which I have learnt over the years until I pretty much stopped shaving completely for the last 3.

Of course I was missing the finer detail that is covered here like Pre-Shave, and what things you can buy to reduce irritation and sooth the skin.

And of course me not wanting to be seemingly taking a hit from my male pride never bought what are really, essentials.

IMG_20150822_113657Now there are plenty of products out there to buy, a lot of them cheap and tacky, and the rest going over my tight budget, but, quality is key for a long lasting effective result, and what you get with The Personal Barber is quality.

The contents of the box included:

IMG_20150822_113106A personal Barber Double Edged Safety Razor designed to flow with the contours of your face that is made up of three parts. It is important to read instructions on how to use this and not just guess like I initially tried to.

2x packs of replacement Safety Razor Blades, Polsilver Super Iridium and Treet Platinum These really give the best shave that are the closest results you can get to a Cut throat razor. They are also Recyclable but there is a method to safe disposal and not just throwing them into the bin. Guidance is provided with the pack.

The Polsilver are designed for use with thicker beards that would normally cause painful tugging and irritation with other types of Razors. They are specifically sharp to cope with the heavy work.

The Treet Platinums are designed to provide a consistent smooth shave for lighter stubble.

IMG_20150822_112926A Personal Barber Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Something I would never have considered buying, but, it is actually vital for getting an even coverage with least waste.

Speick Active Shaving Cream Free from fragrance and colours and all the other chemicals and nasties you may find in products, Speick is a German household name that date back 80 years.

A cup or a bowl is recommended to lather with the Hair shaving brush, again aiming to stretch your product further with least waste.

Scaramouch & Fandango Hydrator The fantastically named brand that is a new British Brand, and let’s not pretend you don’t break into Bohemian Rhapsody while reading the name. It has a fantastic scent and leaves your skin feeling revitalised and less zombie-like.

Scaramouch & Fandango Face scrub A high quality scrub that actually feels like it does what it says on the tube. A pre shave pre shave product that smooths the skin surface to enable the Razor to glide. Your face will feel like a non-grime breath of fresh air for hours.

My Experience

Now I trim rather than shave. I have tried multiple types of razors and I always end up with a dry, shredded skin, that takes days to recover, and by then, I’m looking like the Wolfman of Evesham again.

I found my shave following The Personal Barber Perfect Shave guide, pain and worry free. I would say the razor got 97% of my stubble and it does state in the guide for missed areas, repeat process, I know that because of my hair type that 3% is very stubborn and going over that area will cause irritation. So out of my own choice I opted to leave it.

Post shave my skin felt very refreshed and reinvigorated, no dryness or irritation. It felt nice for some hours later, and where I would normally have a layer of stubble AM, I was near stubble free for two whole days!

Am I a convert?

I’m certainly not in a rush to take on shaving full-time, even though this process was a pleasant experience. But, for those occasions I need to look more like a presentable human being, this is certainly the way forward.

Fortunately, my work place doesn’t require me clean shaven daily, otherwise I would 100% use The Personal Barber way of shaving daily.

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