The power of relaxing music


The Power of Relaxing Music

Sound and music can be a powerful thing, having the ability to directly influence the physiology of human bodies.

The effects of relaxing music are astounding, and can be used in so many situations, from helping you get to sleep without alternative sleeping remedies through to being a proven stress reliever.  We shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of something so simple!

One area relaxing music is widely used is the world of beauty. When it comes to beauty treatments, the environment is essential and this is where relaxing music comes in. It’s key to feel relaxed and calm so you can concentrate on the treatment and ignore background noises. Using sound and music, with it’s ability to affect the physiology of the body, will help the beauty patient into a state of serenity which is key to gaining the most benefit from treatments.

Research has actually been carried out on the benefits of regular relaxation treatments and has shown it can improve memory, help increase the defence of the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease!

Overall experience of a treatment can be influenced greatly by controlling the environment through music and this is why songs should be picked selectively.

Here at Erisea, we have found two relaxation tracks we greatly recommend from The Alphmusic of John Levine:

Orange Grove Siesta

A 20 minute track which uses a great mix of instruments. It creates the feeling your somewhere exotic or at some points even floating.

The low beats take you further into yourself to help you reach serenity, whilst short phrases of chimes bring a light floaty touch. There are times at which it sounds like the track includes a human voice, which makes you feel as though someone is carrying out something very spiritual on you even if you’re only sat listening with your eyes closed.

A great piece to listen to whilst alone to help de-stress, but would also be fantastic at manipulating the environment for a very deep, spiritual beauty treatment.


A 30 minute track played by piano. It creates a relaxing dreamy feeling through its use of notes, chords and repetition.

The lower softer notes once again take your further into yourself to help you reach your serenity, very soothingly and slowly deeper and deeper. The higher phrases in the music tend to make you increase awareness, potentially to increase feeling of relaxation. There isn’t as much going on in this piece as Orange Grove Siesta, but this in some ways is refreshing. This piece is perhaps used better for playing whilst undergoing a beauty treatment, such as a massage, rather than whilst just closing your eyes to focus and de-stress.

Both tracks come highly recommended and which track would best suit you is completely down to personality and what you would be seeking in a relaxing music track, or for what reasons you would using the tracks.

Experiment and see which suits you best! You can find all of John Levine’s tracks at


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