The Power of Three by Dale Pinnock


Medicinal chef Dale Pinnock believes that if you can harness the power of three simple secrets, you can say goodbye to fad diets and calorie counting, resulting in you living a longer and healthier life.  

The three secrets that Pinnock wants you to learn are balancing your blood sugar (controlling the release of sugar into our bloodstream without overwhelming it), getting the right nutrient density (choosing the right ingredients to maximize your nutrient balance) and balancing your fatty acid intake (reducing omega 6 fatty acids, whilst increasing omega 3).  He starts The Power of Three off with a chapter on each of these steps, so that you can better understand exactly what it is that he would like you to master.  Daunting as the task may be, The Medicinal Chef is teaching you a new way to approach eating, a way that will quickly and easily become second nature to you.

Of course it is all well and good be presented with the knowledge to eat in this healthier manner, but without some recipes to get you going it can become just information that falls to the wayside.  So The Power of Three is packed full of a delightful and enticing 80 recipes, recipes that harness the very nutritional secrets that Dale Pinnock wishes to teach you.  

From breakfast to dessert, there are recipes for everyone and to suit all tastes whether Egg and Bacon Stuffed Tomatoes get your mouthwatering or you look for something a little more exotic like Thai-style Tuna and Sweet Potato Fish Cakes, not to mention rather delectable Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  By the time you have gotten through these recipes and the easy to follow information at the start of the book, you will be ready to embrace The Power of Three and begin your journey to a healthier, longer life that is full of flavour and excitement! 

Available from Quadrille for £20, this is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys healthy living that is packed full of taste.



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