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One of the most fascinating sports dramas in the past few years has been the drama around Lance Armstrong.  Ben Foster leads the line as Lance Armstrong and this is our review of this great character pieces.



This is about the story of Lance Armstrong and his ride to the top and his well publicised journey down. This story balances it between Lance and with Irish Journalist David Walsh perspectives.  We came in expecting certain stuff to happen and see having seen the documentary, but this focuses on its characters more than anything.  The truth of what happened is in there and the timelines are accurate.

If you are intrigued with Lance – this movie will open your eyes to what happened in the World of Cycling…



Rather than ruin the film for you – since most of you know the ending. We will focus on the characters that were played well.



Ben Foster plays Lance Armstrong as not a villain or a hero, but as a character in between the lines. Dam does he play it well, at the start of the film he goes to Europe to cycle after success in USA. No one thought he could win – but he did. His acting that line of good and evil was great especially in heartwarming scenes. Getting Cancer weakness is seen but that is clouded by telling the truth to his doctor about the drugs.

Most understated performance has to go to Jesse Plemons as Floyd Landis. The guy who rocks the “Armstrong” reputation, after not getting on Lance’s new team after friction between the pair – he decides to tell all.  His use of emotions were strong.

Guillaume Canet, we had never seen before but his character work as Dr. Ferrari – the guy who helped make Lance who he is was terrific.

Good cameo from Dustin Hoffman as a Lawyer who lost a case to Armstrong. Setting up Lance’s fall in the years to come.


The balance to the film felt off with the film shifting gears too fast at times but as a character piece this is terrific. Ben plays Lance to a tee and their use of footage of Lance riding with Ben interlaced – you could not tell them apart.

Having seen the facts from the documentary, it felt like they hit the bullet points of the drugs case put against Lance but did not fill some of the areas out.  However, It was a good watch overall and we love to see what character work several of the actors out of it get. 

Solid 3/5 film.

3 out of 5


The Program, which arrives on digital platforms from the 8th of February and on Blu-Ray/DVD from the 15th.          

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