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The Record Keeper is a science fiction drama based upon the biblical events of the bible. A history of the world, told from the perspective of angels.  The film centers around Raina.  Raina is a record keeper for Heaven’s administrative offices. (Think minute takers in meetings).

She interviews angels and demons about the events unfolding on Earth – she is later pulled into the war of good vs evil.  Raina’s main interviews are with two angels who pull for either side. She interviews them at the same time making for interesting ideas.

Larus, a fighter for the rebellious General and Cadan, a soldier loyal to the Prince – Raina watches how their friendship fractures and breaks.


We went into the film blind (not knowing the original webseries). It captures the feel of the web series and the pacing seeing dramatic staging of the events of the bible.

Both of the interviewees are terrific surprise castings,  the whole balance of the film is in the balance of opinions.  Does the audience route for the underdog battling against evil or move on to the bad guy just following his beliefs.  At various points of the movie we routed for both separately.

Good Vs Evil

Raina’s personal history with the General (aka Lucifier), seeks to add to the dynamic. The General knows of Raina and remembers their past, Raina meanwhile does not dwell on the past until asked.

When a record keeper from the other side comes to see her records makes it even more interesting.  The General planned to keep a record keeper but employed a separate one.  The battling sides are seen from a distance, until the dramatic final scenes.


The movie’s steam punk nature fits the settings of the film.  The colours as well and makeup add to the dynamic. At the start, the viewer should work out the good from the bad.




The final scenes are dramatic and concludes a good film that makes the audience think.



It is a very dramatic but understated film – the majority of the film is in one set.

It suits people who believe in God or people who don’t – It is a twist in the tale. A good thinking person’s film – 7/10


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