From 2017 – The Revolt of the Black Athlete


The Revolt of the Black Athlete is a book that we came across and wanted to review.  It is an interesting topic of how the world is developing and an interesting look at the past.   



The Revolt of the Black Athlete hit sport and society hard with it’s original release in the 1960s. This 50th anniversary edition of a classic activist title arrives to inspire a new generation.

“Edwards’s new introduction and afterword revisit the revolts by athletes like Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos. At the same time, he engages with the struggles of a present still rife with racism, double-standards, and economic injustice. 

The update adds context to the current climate in the world in regards to Black Lives Matter movement in USA and around the world.  Every life matters and this is a interesting study on the conflicts at the interface of sport, race, and society.


Our Thoughts

 Intriguing to say the least.  It is packed full of information and can be very heavy of a read at times – but it is worth it. 

It holds its revolution to a standpoint with it been a previous release of the book in the 1960s.  So you see the mistreatment of the “black” student athlete and how it has changed to present day.

Like today, you see how the people in the mainstream try to dismiss the issues and conclusion with the appendixes showing how black athletes dealt with the issues. Especially with Tommy Smith and John Carlos showing their voice is terrific.

Wish it would of included a bit more on Peter Norman and how culture is different around the world but that is just me nitpicking.  Peter Norman was the Australian sprinter who stood on the podium with Smith and Carlos. He asked for a badge to show his support for their efforts and suggested they have one glove each in their salute.

He returned to Australia a martyr for showing support and was issued a parliamentary apology in 2012 for his treatment (he died in 2006).


Overall Conclusion

A good historical read which give context to a fight that continues to this day.  It is a little too heavy for me to give it 5 stars, but I give it 4/5 for its purpose.  It is a must for anyone who has any interest in the subject – I decided to read this after watching Jesse Owens film “Race”, it was worth the read.

4 out of 5



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The Revolt of the Black Athlete

By – Harry Edwards

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