The Saboteurs


Every year we hear new stories about the heroic and terribly dangerous unsung acts of World War two.  The Saboteurs is the story of one such act carried out by a group  of incredibly selfless individuals.

You may have seen The Saboteurs advertised, or even caught one of the episodes on More4 on Friday Evenings at 9pm.  Written by Petter Rosenlund, this series was met with a staggering, and record-breaking, 1.7 million viewers in Norway, where it was first aired.  The show even managed to gain over 100,000 more viewers than the average for the slot in which it aired, when it premiered in the UK, totalling 336,000 people tuning in to watch.

The harrowing tale of heroism and sheer determination is set in Norway, where a group of Allied service men and women are on a mission to disrupt Hilter’s diabolical plans.  It seems that Hitler has decided to develop the atom bomb and his plan included the Norwegian mountains, a factory to be specific that is hidden deep in the peaks.  The factory produces heavy water, something critical to the success of Hitler’s bomb making plans and he has employed German scientist, Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel Prize winner, to help him achieve this goal.

Saboteurs_Ep3_11The Allies are, of course, having none of this and put together a crack team of service men and women who are prepared to launch a series of missions, deep into those mountains, sabotaging the plant and hopefully rendering it useless, before the Nazis arrive.  

Captain Julie Smith, (played by Anna Friel of Pushing Daisies fame and Brookside), is the only lead character that is in fact fictitious in the series.  Her role is not diminished however and her strong female presence adds gravitas to an already incredible cast.  

The show is gripping and extremely tense, before you know it you will be on the edge of your seat, anticipating what will happen next.  It keeps you involved and engaged in the events that unfold, events that have such a heavy foreboding at times, after all the stakes are so high, if they fail the Nazis get a nuclear weapon. 

The series is in Norwegian and English, with subtitles in English when needed, but don’t let that put you off, it is still thoroughly enjoyable and easy to follow.

The Saboteurs is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday 10th August 2015, courtesy of Arrow Films.


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