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The Slow Readers Club
Enter the band called “The Slow Readers Club”, a band that has built up a cult following with its independent releases. Having sell out shows at The Garage and The Borderline.

About The Album – Build A Tower

“The album was recorded close to their home in Manchester at Edwin Street Studios in Bury, and was produced by Phil Bullyment (Gaz Coombes, Dutch Uncles). This will be their third album, and their first label release, following their eponymous debut in 2011 and Cavalcade in 2015, which were both released independently. They’ve had great support already, with their first single from the album, ‘You Opened Up My Heart’, getting support from BBC 6 Music.” – press release. 

Its good to see how their development in music has got them their first label release. It shows how their sound is getting great support. 


Song By Song Quick Thoughts

Lunatic – retro 80s feel. Echoing to the Smiths or an Erasure voice. Poppy but not in a strange way. Good Rhythm and good opening track.
Supernatural – Same feel. Love the variety in the vocal tones. Background tones echo Lunatic.
You Opened Up My Heart – Love it. Takes it a different direction but the tones run through the album. Love the guitar riff with the chorus. Mid section adds a changeup – gotta love a good changeup.
Never Said I Was The Only One – The slower song of the bunch. Highlight lyrics and good vocals.
On The TV – Another good lyrically minded song. Second of a slower bunch.
Though the Shadows – Solid track with focus on vocals and build up sections at the chorus.
Lives Never Known – Feels like a movie track from an action film. Not a car chase, but that great introduction song/ credits song.
Not Afraid of the Dark – Feeling the drums especially. Heavier chorus with quieter verses.
Lost In Your Gaze – Heartbeat like drum beat. Good build up to the end to save the song – not a fantastic start.
Distant Memory – Good Finishing Song. Starts off sounding like a karaoke classic in the making. Fades and rises at the right moments.

Overall Thoughts

I had to go back and listen to it a few times. Its develops well and shines at its best moments. I could not get out of my head the idea of it been from the late 80s or early 90s – with its poppy electric feel with a darker not so pronounced undertone. It does bring elements from across genres but establishes it feel and its tune early and keeps it going throughout.
This would be an excellent car-trip album. That’s to Modern Sky – its out now!!!!

4/5 Rating.

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