The Smell of Christmas


Vanilla Cake Batter TLOFThere are plenty of aromas that we associate with Christmas and for everyone each smell will probably trigger a different memory or feeling.  It might be that the smell of a roaring fire reminds you of Christmas morning with your grandparents, or the scent of pine wafting all around you brings back a warm fuzzy Christmassy feeling for you.  Either way we are sure that The Library of Fragrance will have something to excite you.

The Library of Fragrance have come up with the ingenious idea to create individual perfumes that represent specific smells.  They are incredibly accurate and smell amazing, a little spritz is all you need to get you showered in the scent of your favourite cake, baby powder or even more exciting and exotic aromas such as lightening or freshly mown grass.  What is even more fabulous about The Library of Fragrance’s collection Snow TLOFis that they can be layered, creating unique, individual signatures that are created just by you.

Now The Library of Fragrance have released the line up for their Christmas 2015 range which includes:

  • Gin & Tonic Cologne
  • Vanilla Cake Batter Cologne
  • Dirt Cologne
  • Snow Cologne
  • Paperback Cologne
  • Play-Doh Cologne
  • Mountain Air Cologne
  • Salt Air Cologne
  • Stable Cologne
  • Baby Powder Cologne

GIngerbread TLOFIn total there are 101 separate fragrances available at The Library of Fragrance, but you can pick up 28 bottles from the collection exclusively at Boots.

Our favourites for Christmas have got to be Mistletoe, Snow and Gingerbread.  Together they seem to create an atmosphere of this time of year.  Of course they can be worn alone or in any combination, the Gingerbread is warm and spicy with hints of vanilla and the sense of freshly baked cookies!  Mistletoe is a rich, sharp scent that can firmly be placed as floral.  Finally Snow is a bright, fresh fragrance that smells like the first snow that falls on an early winter morning and together the three of them make a beautiful, unique cologne.

So, this year don’t forget t check out The Library of Fragrance for original gift ideas or to get your perfect festive perfume sorted! 

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