The Snow Queen



At selected cinemas from October 25th

Released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms on November 3rd


The Snow Queen is the story that inspired Frozen and now today it is released on Blu-Ray and DVD by Signature Entertainment, to share with all of the family!


A fairy tale by the legendary Hans Christian Anderson, it tells the story of Gerda, a little orphan girl who wishes nothing more than to rescue her broth Kai, who was kidnapped by the Evil Snow Queen and is her prisoner.  So, with her pet ferret, Luta, Gerda sets off on a journey that spans the icy landscape in a hope that they can indeed save Kai from the evil clutches of the Snow Queen.

Fusion x64 TIFF FileAlong the way the duo will surely need help and it is given to them in the form of Orm, a troll who would seem an unlikely ally since Orm is one of the evil Queens trolls.  They faced with many obstacles as they travel across the world which the Queen has covered in ice and snow and they include  trolls and pirates, with such insurmountable odds, the deck is stacked against them.




The story will have children and adults alike, glued to the screen wondering just how Gerda and her friends will be able to complete this treacherous journey and cheering them on along the way!  Lots of fun, jokes and the odd scare, The Snow Queen is perfect for watching this Christmas, it is both enchanting and incredibly beautiful, this is a wonderful movie to give as a gift!


Now with DVD & Blu-ray the whole family can join Gerda and her friends on their travels to defeat the Snow Queen!




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