The Solus Project – The Highpoint Expansion


The Solus Project is a fantastic Sci-Fi Survival game from Grip Digital and Teotl Studios and sees you landing on a mysterious planet, alone and without a space ship to call your own.  With just the clothes on your back you must venture out into the landscape of the mysterious and unfamiliar planet, the need to find shelter, water and food being your main priorities.  Now the team that brought you the original game have released an incredible FREE expansion, The Highpoint Expansion.

solusThe new content that is available to download features a new area for you to explore and hopefully survive.  Adding a completely new dimension to the game, Highpoint Island is not just an island, but is extremely vertical and even includes a new cave system for you to explore, as well as acid lakes.  You will see many unidentified flying objects as you venture around Highpoint Island and will encounter a new, strange creature.  The most unusual aspect of your adventures on Highpoint Island though has to be the discovery of a windmill!  

There is an additional three hours of game play that comes with the new environments and the more you play, the more you uncover about the planet and just what happened there before you crash landed.

solus 2To ensure your game play experience is the best it possibly can be, along with all of the new content you can expect to see known bugs and glitches patched to improve your game and existing features.  Highpoint Expansion is now available for free on Steam and GOG and Xbox One 

Do you dare explore the alien landscape?



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