The Sound Of Love


There is no escaping the fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so here at Erisea HQ we have been getting in the mood for love by creating our ultimate playlist of songs to fill your heart with romance.

From the famous Celine Dion number made big by the film Titanic, My Heart Will Go On, to Every Rose Has It’s Thorn by Poison, love songs are not always about the perfect relationship.  Some are about undying love – I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, others about heart break – Firefly by Inme, there are those about sacrifice – Grenade by Bruno Mars and then there are the sad ones – Someone Like You by Adele.

Whatever tracks you embrace this time of year Rdio have it all there ready and waiting.  Our playlist has some of our favourites, but we would love to know yours too!



So kick back your heels, light some candles and get ready for some love.  Don’t forget you can create your own playlist over at Rdio, it doesn’t have to be a lovey dovey one either.

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