The Supercharged Green Juice & Smoothie Diet by Christine Bailey


If healthy living is for you, then Supercharged Juice & Smoothie Diet by Christine Bailey, is just the book for you.  Featuring over 100 deliciously mouthwatering recipes, Christine have created some of the most tantalizing juices and smoothies  to help you lose weight, feel rejuvenated and get plenty of goodness inside of you.

Smoothies and juices are the go to healthy option at the moment and it is easy to see why, delicious ingredients that leave you feeling good and healthier.They are packed with minerals , vitamins and phytonutrients, making them extremely healthy, but that is not all, because by combining fruit with a natural booster, such as sea vegetables, herbs and berries, the juices and smoothies become supercharged.

The Supercharged Green Juice & Smoothie Diet contains within its pages three fantastic diet plans to help you achieve you goals of losing weight or just being a little bit healthier.  Every recipe contains at least one booster, so you can be assured that you will be feeling wonderful in no time at all.

Supercharged Green Juices_UK_pbOne of our favourite recipes has to be the Matcha Fat Burner, it is scrumptious.  Being a fan of Green Tea it is a natural choice to make when flicking through the book to find a recipe that grabs your attention.  The recipes have a wide variety of uses and ingredients meaning there is something for everyone, especially if you just want to pick out the odd juice or smoothie to try.  Of course there is the option to follow one of the extremely well laid out diet plans.  There is plenty of information with regards to how the plan works, what equipment you will need and even has each day structured for you, so all you have to do is pop the ingredients in your smoothie maker whiz together and then enjoy.

All in all this is a great book to have in your kitchen regardless of whether you want to go on one of three fabulous plans, or you just fancy a little bit of natural goodness every once in a while.

The Supercharged Green Juice & Smoothie Diet by Christine Bailey is available courtesy of Nourish Books and Watkins Publishing for £10.99 (RRP)


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