The Tunnel Sabotage


After the hit first season of The Tunnel, the makers of Broadchurch have released a second season, The Tunnel Sabotage courtesy of RLJ Entertainment’s Acorn Label.

Staring Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy, the geopolitical thriller is back with a bang as Elsie Wasserman (Poésy – In Bruges) and DCI Karl Roebuck (Dillane – Game of Thrones) are reunited to investigate the abduction of a French couple from the Eurotunnel.

The only witness to the kidnapping is the couple’s traumatised young daughter, leaving Wasserman and Roebuck to investigate the event with little to go on.  Then a plane carrying both British and French passengers crashes into the Channel and kills everyone on board, leaving the pair with more questions than answers.  

The Tunnel - Series IIThe huge debris field leaves few clues, but the ones they do find leads them on a high octane chase to uncover the truth and rescue the missing couple. The investigation is thwarted by bigger, more complicated and sinister forces, leaving Wasserman and Roebuck  in a situation where they must risk everything to uncover the truth.  They will never be the same again after this thrilling eight part series is done.

The Tunnel Sabotage is an edge of your seat thriller that has many twists and turns as you follow the lead characters Elsie Wasserman and DCI Karl Roebuck as the investigate the horrific plane crash and the disappearance of the French couple from the Eurotunnel.  

6443Out on DVD from 6th June 2016, The Tunnel Sabotage is £24.99 (RRP) or you can pick up The Tunnel Series One & Two for £39.99 (RRP)

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