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Ultimate Fix HeroNail enthusiasts everywhere will tall you that the most annoying and time consuming part of doing their nails is waiting for the polish to dry!  If you don’t have the patience to wait for a complete set of the lacquer, or are too heavy handed too soon, then messy fingers you will have, smudges, chips, dents and fingerprints!

The Ultimate Fix is most likely about to become the superhero of nail artists, nail painters and even occasional dabblers as it is a ‘high speed nail polish fixer’.  What does that mean?  Well, quite simply it will set the polish to leave a high shine, chip free finish in 20 seconds or so!


image020 The Ultimate Fix is amazing, it dries and fixes perfectly, it is wonderfully light and non-oily. My clients love it and it has become an essential in my kit. For the first time ever we don’t get smudged fingers or toes at catwalk shows.”

Says Marian Newman who is a Celebrity and Fashion Manicurist who has worked with the likes of Kylie Minoge, Kate Moss and even Keira Knightley!


To use Ultimate Fix you simply apply your base coat and then spray from about 30 cms away, wait 20 seconds until touch dry and then apply your nail polish, followed by another spray, then your top coat and a final spray!

Here is a little video that shows you just how to use it.



image002Stephanie Staunton is another celebrity manicurist who has worked with people like the amazingly talented Helena Bonham Carter and Leona Lewis, she says that, 

I couldn’t live without The Ultimate Fix as it halves drying time,
helps polish last and smells great. It’s a ‘mani must have’”  


Available from Sefridges London and Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street, as well as online stockists Beauty Narcotix and Sally Express.  It costs £9.50 for 50ml, which is enough for 12 manicures or pedicures and £17 for 200ml which will set around 50 manicures or pedicures.



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