The Unity of Seven


The Unity of Seven by Peter R. Ellis is a fantasy book that is set around the life of September Weekes, a young girl with white hair and a tubby build, not to mention a slightly unusual name. She finds herself bullied and teased because of these things but then one day she discovers a smooth white stone and quickly finds herself thrust into the middle of a fight between good and evil.

Using the stone, September is cast into the world of Gwlad, a place where she is revered as Cludydd o Maengolauseren, the bearer of the starstone, the person with the power to protect them from the Malevolence, an evil that is ravaging their peaceful land. She is introduced to the leader of Gwlad and the bearers of the seven metals, all linked to the seven planets.

Unity of Seven is the third installment of the Evil Above The Star trilogy by Peter R. Ellis and finds September at home, no time having passed in her world, even though the last three months saw her battling the Malevolence. Now she is back facing the school bullies and has an unwavering fear that there is something in her family history that needs answering and wants to find her way back to Gwlad in search of those answers.

Each of Ellis’s books will transport the reader to a land shrouded in Celtic mystery and allow them to follow the adventure and trials that face September throughout. Gripping, suspenseful and a real page tuner, The Unity of Seven is a fantastic finale to the Evil Above the Stars trilogy. 

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