The Voices


Ryan Reynolds heads an all-star cast as Jerry, a factory worker, loved by everyone, but he has a secret.  Jerry takes medication to curb his darker, impulsive and murderous side and when he stops taking those pills The Voices return. 

Hilarious horror in a very dark and twisted way, The Voices follows Jerry, (Reynolds star of The Green Latern and Deadpool) whose whole existence is currently influenced by his pets, Mr Whiskers and Bosco.  Mr Whiskers is a slightly, no scratch that, entirely psychopathic cat who constantly plays the devil, taunting Jerry and trying to get him to fall from the path of righteousness.  Bosco on the other hand is a loving, friendly dog with the heart of an angel that tries to keep Jerry on the straight and narrow.

voices6smJerry has a crush on sultry Brit Fiona, played by Gemma Arteton and when he eventually scores a date with her, he is over the moon.  Things don’t go according to plan though and the night that had promised to be the best of Jerry’s life, turned into one of the worst when he accidentally kills Fiona.

Covering his tracks, we slowly start to see Jerry’s world unravel and that everything was not quite as it seemed initially.  He seeks help in the from of his talking pets and from his therapist, played by Jackie Weaver, but nothing seems to help.  As people begin to notice Fiona’s disappearance, including fellow office workers Alison and Lisa, played by the stunning and funny Anna Kendrick.  Lisa however, is rather taken with Jerry and this sets her on the path to a dangerous liason.

packshotsDVD, Blu-Ray and Steelbook (the latter exclusive to of The Voices is out on on Monday 13th July.


Director Marjane Satrapi
Screenplay Michael R. Perry
Release Date Monday 13th July 2015
Language English
Certificate Rating 15
Format DVD, Blu-Ray & Steelbook
Running Time 103 mins
Bonus Features – Interviews – Scare Prank – Deleted Scenes
– Extended Scenes – Pet Voice Recording
Exclusive Blu-ray Features – Behind The Scenes – Animatics

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