The Ways of Wine


The final installment of our World Cinema picks this week is The Ways of Wine.  If you have missed our first two choices, The Cinema Hold Up and Clash, please feel free to pop over and have a read, they are films worth taking a look at.  

The Ways of Wine

The Ways of Wine (El Camino Del Vino) is shot in Spanish and has English subtitles, if you are not usually interested in World Cinema but are considering trying one or two movies out, then this could be the film for you.  Perfect for wine lovers and those who enjoy comedy, The Ways of Wine is enchanting.

6169Set in stunning Argentina, The Ways of Wine is the story of a Sommelier (professional wine taster) Charlie, who whilst visiting the ‘Masters of Food and Wine’ festival, surrounded by the worlds premier experts in food and more importantly wine, realises he has lost is palate, he can no longer understand the wines before him, he in wine blind! 

This horrific situation leads Charlie on a hilarious and at times dramatic journey to some of the most famous and impressive wineries and vineyards, both large and small as he employs the help of the worlds best and brightest win experts, in an attempt to bring back his taste buds. 

The Ways of Wine stars real life Sommelier Charlie Arturaola, along with winemakers Susana Balbo, Jean Bousuet and Michael Rolland, for a brilliantly vibrant film that is touching, light-hearted and beautifully filmed.  

6159The Ways of Wine is available from 8th February 2016 courtesy of Simply Media for £12.99


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