The Wire – Season Five


The fifth and final season of The Wire is just as complex and focuses this time on the media.  The Baltimore Sun is the newspaper that takes centre stage and we actually see many elements of real life events throughout the course of the season.  With budget cuts the paper struggles to cover the whole of the city.

The police budget is cut by Mayor Carcetti, fifteen months after season four ended.  Cedric Daniels sets his sights on taking down Senator Davis for corruption and secures himself a task for to investigate.  Meanwhile McNulty comes back to homicide and takes it upon himself to try to drum up more resource for the force by fabricating evidence that suggests homeless men are being murdered by what appears to be a serial killer.  

Marlo Stanfield turns his attention to laundering money.  His relentless need or power and domination lures Omar Little out of retirement.  A decision that could ultimately be disastrous for him.  

A final season that is packed full of twists and turns to keep you binge watching episode after episode.  The stand out performances from the stars of the show continue in this final offering, delivering powerful, believable and engaging. 

The emotional journey from season one when McNulty first aired his feelings about the problems in Blatimore, through five years of absolute turmoil and strife for all of the characters.  Gang wars, drugs, murder, deceit and fragile alliances that could be broken at any moment and a thirst for power so strong that men will do anything to get what they desire.

The Wire is a fantastic show that will keep you watching right to the very end, an absolute pleasure to watch.

5 out of 5

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