The Wire – Season One


The Wire is a gritty police drama set in Baltimore.  It was first aired in 2002 and has since gained almost a cult status.  We decided to sit down and watch all five season of the show to let you know what we thought.  Each month we will bring you the low down on each season, so don’t forget to come back and find out whether you should nab HBO’s The Wire!

The Wire – Season One

Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) is a Baltimore detective who decides to sit down with Judge Daniel Phelan (Peter Gerety) following the shock acquittal of D’Angelo Barksdale (Lawrence Gillard Jr.).  Barksdale was on trial for murder, but a key witness suddenly changes her story, allowing him to walk free and something about the whole situation does not sit well with McNulty, especially given Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) Barksdale’s number two, was sat in the courtroom.

Avon Barksdale you see runs a criminal enterprise and McNulty is concerned that no one seems to be investigating it, murders go unsolved and the drug trade is being ignored.  He tells as much to the Judge which sets a chain of event in motion that wins McNulty no friends.

The powers that be have been embarrassed by a respected judge and so they set up an interdepartmental task force, just to please him, with no real aim to solving any crimes related to Barksdale and his crew.  However the cops who are part of the newly formed team have other ideas, taking the opportunity to finally do something about the criminals.

Season One doesn’t just follow the police force though, we see both sides of the coin, with much focus on the Barksdale Gang itself.  A raw and at time visceral look at the life in the project of Baltimore under the rule of this drug dealer and crime lord, who himself we see struggle with his choices.  The show allows us to see the members of the gang as people, with an insight into their lives and how the young are easily corrupted into a life of crime with the promise of money, when they themselves have nothing.



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