The Wire – Season Three



Another month, another season of The Wire.  Now on Season Three, lets find out  little of what happens…

Avon Barksdale is released early from prison, while Stringer continues to change and shape the gang to his own liking.  But, with the demolition of the towers that once house the Barksdale’s criminal empire, Baltimore sees more and more of the criminals on the streets.

Avon tries to assert his position in the organisation by going up against a new crew headed by Marlo Stanfield (Jamie Hector), much to Stringer’s dismay.  His actions land the Barksdale gang in a vicious turf war that results in heavy consequences.


Cedric Daniels (Lance Reddick) now heads a permanent Major Case Unit.  But gang and drug crime is not the only focus of this season as we are introduced to Tommy Carcetti (Aiden Gillan), a councilman who decides to run for mayor.  He is by no means a straight shooter though, making sure that he control his opposing candidate, splitting the vote from the black community and thus ensuring either way he gains the power he desires.  


Meanwhile, as Major Howard Colvin nears the end of his career and approaches retirement, he decides once and for all to clean up the streets and reduce crime in his district.  His methods are less than desirable though as he sets up areas where the drug dealers can operate without consequences and focusses on cleaning up the other areas.  While his plan works, he put it into place without the okay of his superiors, which can only lead to problems.  


Another season filled with action and raw, gritty drama will have you gripped to the T.V. screen as you watch the events unfold in Baltimore.  


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