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Alternative Rock Group that are rather unconventional. Interested? Read On…..

Today, we got chance to review the latest album by “There Might Be Giants”.  The group have been going a while but have always been unconventional. Which is great, cause everyone has to make their own path and they have forged their own.

About the Music Group

They Might Be Giants (or TMBG) are a 2 time Grammy Award winning American Alternative Rock Band formed in 1982. Originally a duo but now full grown band. They have built a type of music that can be labelled as rather unconventional. They always have looked to experiment from the norm. Recently they have found success in children’s music and theme music for TV shows and films.

Their Highlight hit Song is “Boss of me” it was the theme for “Malcolm in the Middle”. It hit the top-40 UK chart because of it. It brought a new audience and a new set of fans to them.

Recently they re-started an old project where they release 1 song a week for a year – This album is a collection of these songs.

Album – Glean – OUT NOW.

Brought to Europe by Lojinx and to USA by Idlewild.


2015 has been a great year for TMBG. They have brought back their  80s Dial-A-Song service but online and have built each track in a week (written, recorded, Videoed). It has brought joy to fans new and old.

“Every Tuesday throughout the year a new song is posted via, TMBG’s ‘Particlemen’ YouTube channel and on their free smartphone apps.

This album is a celebration of this.  It includes the first 16 songs from their Dial-A-Song service, the range of which is big.  Range includes a violin driven song to a bluesy grind of a song.

“The highly anticipated album is produced with long-time collaborator Pat Dillett (St. Vincent, Mary J. Blige, David Byrne, Donald Fagen, etc), and comes hot on the heels of 2013’s fan-favourite ‘Nanobots’.

Our Thoughts

A good interesting listen. A strangely dynamic collection of songs – most songs bring the listener in, very easy listening.


Highlight Songs

Aaa – Strange idea of a song that drags you in.

All the Lazy Boyfriends – Good rhythm and good tempo. catchy lyrics too.



For More Info – Try Their Official Website

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