“They think it’s gone over! …It hasn’t now” – An Interview with Open Goaaal! Inventor Jonathan Cowan


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I have had the pleasure of talking to Jonathan Cowan about his invention to help families who may have kids who love football but may break a few things in the process.
Hi Jonathan, can you introduce yourself to our audience.

I have a wife and 2 girls and have been creating new products and brands all my life. They were supposed to be footballing boys. Except one of them turned out that way anyway, playing for Arsenal and Watford Ladies.

I can see why you came up with the idea of this invention. It seems a good idea.

Every parent cringes at the thought of their kid playing football in the garden. Smashed windows, dead plants, broken fences and angry neighbours; as the ball goes over, again and again and again.
Open Goaaal! solves that problem. Imagine a football goal surrounded by a wall of black rebound netting. 10 feet high and sometimes the width of your garden. Shots over the bar and wide of the post simply rebound back. Added to that the whole structure is like a curtain so it slides out of site after the game.


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(In the picture – you can see the white netted goal – but the high black netting means the ball wont be going out the garden)
I am a book person, so what was the last book you read?

The definitive book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease. An amazing insight into what people are really thinking about you when they cross their arms, touch their ear or shake your hand.

Ah yes, I read a similar book a while ago, it is an interesting subject – the way a person subconsciously moves shows how a conversation is going. The major bit I took out was if someeone talking to you face on, if their feet are pointed in a L shape – they want the conversation to be over.

(The Book mentioned – “The Definitive Book of Body Language: How to Read Others’ Attitudes by Their Gestures” by Allan and Barbara Pease)

The Company you are a part of – It has a weird spelling for Goal, why 3 “A”s?

It’s that classic drawn out Latino scream when a goal is scored. Search Twitter and see the screams. Goaaal!

Not every garden is the same shape so what is the range of nets you offer?
Very simple. Standard size and Large, depending on the size of your garden and age of your kids.
Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to us. Your product looks extremely helpful to stop the broken windows and wayward neighbours from taking footballs.




You can find more information about Open Goaaal at – www.opengoaaal.com




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