Things That Remind You You Are a Mum Of Two

There are certain things that happen day to day that make me realise, I am am mum of two, so here it goes:
  • You finding youself saying ‘ok who’s farted?’ an awful lot!
  • Washing your hair is seen as a luxury
  • Your judge whether your hair needs washing on its smell and texture!
  • Repeated use the expression “I seem to wipe bums ALL day!”
  • You eat the first thing you see, but prepare food for the little ones!
  • You wonder why your struggling to get the 3 year old into the 3-6 month leggings
  • you wonder why the 4 month old look baggy in that 4 year old dress/t-shirt?
  • When needing to poop, you know you have approx 3 mins, and theres no point in shutting the door! Unlike the husband who gets to shut the door and have around 20mins to poop in peace!
  • You realise your the third/forth person to use this bath water.
  • You simply swill with said bath water.
  • You wear your clothes until they stand up on there own, well as long as they past the smell test who cares?!
  • Whilst walking around town you realise that smell is you.
  • You find more enjoyment from cbeebies than you do your soaps.
  • You set the new series of chuggington to record because the ‘kids’ love it and you couldn’t bear to let them miss it!
  • Time alone with the other half is usually very fast as you know one of them could wake at any moment.
  • You get some unexpected money and decide to treat yourself with nappies, toys and clothes for the under 10’s!
  • Every time you hear that screaming sound, you automatically shout “SHARE” because you have heard that noise before.
How do you know your a mum of two, or three, or even four?!
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