Third Turn – A Quick Look at Sheriff of Nottingham


Third Turn is back, with quick look at a few of our favourite board, dice and card games we have played in the past few months.  First up – Sheriff of Nottingham.


The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun and engaging game for the families.  Each player takes on the role of a merchant trying to get their goods into Nottingham, while each player gets a chance to be the Sheriff.

 “Beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city!”



The game is balanced for 3-5 players and has a average game time of 45 to 60 minutes.  With every game we tend to show you the basics.


The card game is based upon lies and deception but the honest player can sometimes win. 

In each turn you declare your goods –

“I have 3 apples in my bag”

What you have in the bag is up to you. But if the Sheriff checks it – and you lied there is a penalty. However you can bribe the Sheriff.

“I rather it not get checked – I give you 5 coins to not check it”

The Sheriff then checks what bags they want to check and the points are scored. 

“Experience Nottingham in a whole new way! Declare your goods, deal with the Sheriff and secure victory in a fun-filled and exciting adventure!”


Its Values

The game has good aesthetics and good design.  How good can you bluff your way to victory will tend to mean the difference.

But what if you play the same people again? The more times you bluff, the more times it gets harder to bluff the same people.


Our Thoughts

A fun game for the family that keeps you on your toes as you try and sneak past.  The gameplay aspects and its simple components mean the pick up and play value is terrifically easy.



For More Info –

The Game is created by Arcane Wonders. Their Site.

Their also is a Companion App on Android and iOS.

Current Price on Amazon UK at time of writing is £24.95.

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