Third Turn – A Quick Look at The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game


Love Horse Racing? Love “Days at the Races”? Love Competition? Read on for the latest on a strange Horse Racing Board Game….



Welcome to the board game horse racing course, you target to leave the course after the day at the races with the most money.  A day at the races will consist of multiple races and players will take part as the horses and as the punters.  The devious aspect is that you do not have to back your horse!!!



Game Suitable for 2 to 6 players or teams and ages 12 to adult. Simple to pick up and tough to master.


Rascals The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game (In-Play) RRP 19 99


The objective of the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game is to win the most money at the race meeting by getting your horse placed first, second or third in a race or by placing bets on winning horses. There is also a set of mischief cards to help you create havoc with the other horses and riders in the race.

Our Thoughts

Betting with several twists. Can you win more than your family or friends? It’s all about tactics and sneakiness in the RNHRG. A great way to spend the night by bringing the races to you then the stakes are high.

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Available to buy from: Debenhams stores and on Amazon

RRP £19.99

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