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How about been a police chief? Ever though about it?  This Is The Police lets the player act out the final 180 days of a veteran police captain in charge of his officers.  Interested? Read on….



The player takes on the role of a veteran police captain (voiced by Duke Nukem actor Jon St. John) in his final 180 days on the force.

“Life is rough, and the seedy city around you isn’t much better. Will you stick to the law and put your life on the line? Or fall to corruption; letting your hard-earned reputation slip through the cracks. This is the Police is built on narrative-choice management in the vein of titles such as Paper Please where the decisions you make hold a lofty weight.”

When we first picked this up, we thought nothing of it but dam it was an interesting ride.



The ride of gameplay was a weird one. The story around how the day sets its theme and how the player deals with his “shift” of police is intriguing.  


The story offers elements of choice and how to deal with the factors of been a police chief in a crime ridden town. Taking it cues from Papers please, you can help different people and it results in a different gameplay.


The base game is the shifts of police and who you send out to the crime scenes.  Experience is displayed and crime scenes need solving.  Send police that are too in-experienced expect them to fail but balancing out an experienced roster can be hard – especially when they start dying.



We could say more but we don’t want to ruin the interesting storylines behind it. Interesting story, good basic gameplay structure with intriguing decision making to be done. It even has a weird soundtrack choice. 

Solid 4/5 from us.

4 out of 5



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