This War of Mine game review


This war of mine review

Inspired by the true events of the Siege of Sarajevo, this war of mine is based around a small group of survivors living in war-battered buildings. It is a 2D click and point game of sorts where you control multiple people in a building. Using your cursor you are able to scroll over different rooms throughout building and also interact with objects. The graphic appearance is in a pencil stroke art form that at times you may think that it resembles real footage. Before starting the game for the first time, I already found out that the amount of people you start with is variable.

The idea of the game is to survive by any means. Your team will start out with limited to no supplies at all. You will need to search your building for whatever items you can. Sometimes access to rooms will be blocked by barricades, piles of building materials, locked doors and cupboards.
Your survivors will also get tired and very hungry and they will let you know about it.4
By clicking on areas that have an action symbol you can send one of your survivors to that area. You can select multiple areas for multiple members of your team so each one can be interacting with a different action individually and at the same time.
The survivor you have assigned a particular task to will also have a photo of their face on a card on the bottom right hand of the screen. Each survivor has their own and the one you are currently using will enlarge. There is also a nice touch where the survivors photo will have a blinking animation.

The game runs on day cycle, where you need to get jobs at the building done in the time you have.


And then there’s a night time cycle, where you assign roles to each member of your group. You can let your survivors sleep, stand guard, go and scavenge or do nothing at all.

For your survivor, you choose to scavenge you will be taken to a screen where you see names of places. Scavenging is a night cycle event. Each place has strong reasons for both going to them at all costs or staying away from them at certain times. All of the places are places to scavenge and difficult decisions need to be made.
Similar to your own building these places will have blocked areas that you need have the right tool to access. Your inventory is very limited so you need to be wise with what you take back to your building with you. It forces you to really try to think what is more important on the run. Finding and taking back as much food as you can find, or supplies.
With your supplies, you can use them to build and make other important items with that are key to your survival. Everything you collect is as valuable as the others, even food.3
There are dangers you will encounter, most of these being other people trying to survive themselves. It is a dog eat dog world and it seems as though there is no hope. Though as dark and as tough on the survivors as the game seems as it continues to unfold there are surprise acts of humanity in this desperate depressing time.

Your survivors will suffer from exhaustion and hunger and this will affect their motivation and stamina. They will also get ill and injured and first aid supplies are few and far between. Just because you have a small amount of medicine and someone is feeling ill, should you give the medicine to them. These are decisions that will be yours to make.

The survivors are not safe at any time. During the day you will get visits from people requesting trades, help, wanting to stay with you, and then you will have people wanting to harm you and take whatever items they can, you may be told you were raided by looters and some supplies may be taken or a survivor hurt.

Sometimes finding food is not as straight forward as you want, it may be raw meat which needs to be cooked. You will need materials to be able to cook some foods on.

This War of Mine is a masterpiece, it is one of the finest digital games available and is certainly worthy of not only being made available for next gen consoles, but to also have it’s own disc version.

Available now at a steal on Steam for £14.99

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