Three Barrels Honey & Rhubarb Sour


A smooth, mellow golden drink, Three Barrels Honey is a French grape based brandy that has been blended with the delectable nectar of the honeybee.

This beautiful golden drink is the perfect festive tipple and Three Barrels have been kind enough to share a couple of ways that they like to enjoy it.

Honey and Rhubarb Sour TBH_MG_9817Three Barrels Honey & Rhubarb Sour

Use a 7oz Chilled Coupe


50ml Three Barrels Honey
25ml Lemon Juice
1 Free Range egg white
3 dashes rhubarb bitters
10ml sugar syrup
Garnish – Pink grapefruit oils sprayed, trim zest and place on the rim of the glass


Add the egg white first and then lemon juice, finally add the remaining ingredients.  Dry shake, then wet shake and fine strain.


threeThree Barrels On The Rocks With A Twist

Use a 10z glass, with ice.


50ml Three Barrels Honey


Pour over the ice cubes and spray orange oils over the top of the drink.


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