Throwing Yourself Out There Again – Love and Life


Its weird to consider life at its true value when life has so many downs. We push to find it true form, it pulls and we never have any hours in the day to process all of it. 

You might be reading this and thinking – I am happy. Well good for you!! Hold on for it as long as you can, but do not settle for second best? Are you truly achieving what you want to achieve. Are you pushing back on situations and getting results? But if you are, you are. Throw some happiness our way. 

Its hard to think about but having those peaks and troughs – feeling the bad stuff makes you want to feel the good stuff too. That is speaking from experience too, life will hit you down metaphorically. Be it a boyfriend/girlfriend split up to a family circumstance change – someone moving away. You got to roll with those hits and bounce back quickly as possible or you could lose of few years to that negative thought. 

It is one life lesson everyone needs to learn quickly – to get back up again. 


Quick graph - Are you the red line or the blue line?

Quick graph – Are you within those red lines or are you the blue line? (We have been experiencing the blue then we want an up-turn into the green).


For Us

Well since we are aiming to push through a challenging phase of the online magazine’s life, we will carry on providing some positive constructive comments and some positive opinions too. None of that negativity. We may push a few reviews to the lower edges, but we as always will aim to be positive. 

For Our Audience

Expect some diverse content as always. Pushing forward with some shorter pieces with some bigger fun ones lined up.  As always – sending positive waves into your days. 


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