Tiltagon – PC Game Review – Rolling Puzzles


Rolling a ball around a level with a time limit – can’t be hard?  Yes!! Dam YES.


Tiltagon is a tiny arcade game with plenty of challenge. The premise is simple: roll a ball around and don’t fall down. Just watch out for the falling floors and moving obstacles.

We got a chance to review the PC Port of the Mobile game – We just say now – the conversion was good.




Level mode with 10 challenging levels

  • Endless mode with two difficulty levels
  • 36 unlockable balls
  • Minimalistic visuals and energetic EDM soundtrack
  • Play with either controller, keyboard or mouse
  • Play in either 30 or 60 fps
  • Supports Steam Cloud, Achievements, Leaderboards and Trading Cards






Very simple premise of moving a ball with the controls. We picked the gamepad but mouse or keyboard is allowed.  The gamepad worked well apart from the fact it was controlled by us. We struggled and ended up not filming past level 2 – Video to come soon.

“So taking a ball through a hexagon maze sounds good? But what about the fact the platforms are not even, straight or flat always.  Going too fast? What about that hole in the middle? – Dam you went through.”

Obsicles vary between the levels and it gets harder as you go on.


Gameplay is good and its very addictive.  Levels can take 2 -5 mins if you can complete them first time and you tend to not be able to complete it first time. So dam it can be frustrating.  


Good quick game which  you could lose hours in.  4/5 4 out of 5

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