To The Moon


Have you ever dreamed about going to the moon?  Making your way through space and finally reaching the big rock in the sky that orbits our home planet is an exciting prospect.  Of course, unless you are extremely wealthy, an astronaut or have an incredibly good imagination, travelling to the moon is most likely a distant dream.  Until now.  Well, in a way.

9781780677750.in05_1To The Moon is illustrated by Sarah Yoon and is possibly the most exciting boo of its kind that we have come across, you see To The Moon is actually a colouring book, but not just any colouring book, it unfolds to a mind boggling 15 feet long and travels from a house on the Earth, all the way though a fabulous tower of wonders and curiosities, until the Moon is reached.

Climb the tower and explore an intricate and detailed world in the form of a totem.  Come face to face with giant fish bowls, elephants, houses and creatures of all kinds.  There is even a building that resembles a giant gumball machine.  Each pages captures more of your imagination as you bring it to life with the colours of your choice.  Illuminate a world of space ports, a floating circus and fire breathing dragons, not to mention castles in the sky.

9781780677750.3d_1Hours of fun will be had as you colour Sarah Yoon’s fantastical vertical world with illustrations that will inspire and excite.  Follow your dreams and find your way To The Moon with Laurence King Publishing for £9.95

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